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Products are widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, daily necessities, flavor, baking, pesticide and fertilizer, pet feed, toys, chemicals, high-grade ink, paint and other industries, praised by users. In order to meet the needs of different customers for products, the company launched; Food pigment, food lake, compound pigment and high purity pigment are four kinds of products. In terms of product structure, there are water-soluble edible pigments (including high-purity pigments and compound pigments) and water / oil dispersive edible aluminum lake. Own & lt; Gigold & quot; And & lt; Er Sheng & quot; Two major brands, product marketing throughout the country and Asia and Europe and other regions. The company has a color matching center, which can adjust all kinds of colors according to user's requirements, and is equipped with professional color cards (nearly 200 colors) for users to choose. With a professional market technical service team and rapid response mechanism, we continuously develop special new products, design process plans, and provide personalized services, which can timely solve problems in production for users. We will make greater efforts to provide users with safe and environmental protection products with reliable quality, complete varieties and personalized services< br/> To "first class service, excellent quality, reasonable price" for customers at home and abroad to provide more quality and price products.

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